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Coole Geschenkpapier

I'm having an internet alpha-omega moment. I'm literally sitting in my bathrobe, I've just had my morning coffee. I checked my e.m.papers mail to find a lovely email from Lexi over at Love.Obsess. Inspire. (who, btw, will be featuring an e.m.papers give away soon). She featured an interview with Jena from Modish. On Modish I found out about Summersville (maker of this fabu wrapping paper.) I went to Summersville's Flickr pool, only to see that weeks ago I commented on and marked one of her images a favorite! "Oh, that's her!" I realized. Me love internet. I could make a tacky plug here about printable gift labels and cards to go with the gift one would wrap with this paper, but I'll...

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Überraschungsbesuch von Red Bridge

  Something really neat happened today. I met another Etsy seller for the first time. Tyshawn from Red Bridge Studios contacted me via 'convo' on Etsy. Tyshawn is a silk screen artists and makes really cute pillows, tea towels, zipper purses  and tote bags check out her store here. She sent me a short note letting me know that she was traveling through Germany and was trying to meet with other Etsy sellers. I took it as a small sign from the universe that I should keep on following the handmade/entreprenurial path. We met and went to Munich 72 just across the Isar. We had a nice chat over Apfelmuss Kuchen (applesauce cake) about everything from Germany to Etsy to the virtues...

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Vatertag Printables

So far I've sold a whopping 1 Father's Day gift printable, the printable car wash gift certificate. Shockingly, this is better than Mother's day when I sold not a single thing!

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Mein Arbeitsbereich

I was amazed by how popular these pictures were on Flickr. Then again, I wasn't given how much I like to look in other people's work spaces (and just spaces in general.) I need to look at my work for awhile before I can decided what needs to be adjusted or if I like it or not. My printable calendar line developed from my own personal need to see the months lined up next to each other. This way we can write in our social engagements and I can see everything 'at a glance'. All the stuff I found in office supply stores was too sterile or just plain ugly. We've squeezed every inch out of our hallway to make this...

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Welche Art von Papier sollte ich drucke meine Printable auf?

  Generally, you can use any kind of paper to print printables, but it does depend on the type of card and how 'fancy' you want your printable card, invitation or paper good to turn out.  Below are some guidelines. I use 5 types of paper for printing printables:Regular ol' printer paper - All product plugging aside, the 'fold only' line of e.m.papers printables were pretty much designed to use with regular weight printer paper. Plain stationery Paper - If you want your 'fold only' printable to look a bit more spiffy you can also use plain stationery paper, the kind you can buy by the (small) box and would print out a resume on. You  can get usually get...

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