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My Precious, Hoarded Stash of DAISO Store Envelopes

My husband and I have traveled a lot of the world together, Australia, India, Mexico, Ecuador, all through Europe and the U.S. By far the most exhilarating trip we ever took together was a quick few days in Tokyo. It was the last stop on a tour that started from Germany, to Western Australia and on to California for our second wedding ceremony. Besides booking hotel and grabbing a travel guide at the airport in Singapore, we didn't plan for it at all. We were both surprised by the backslapping openness of the people. We loved the food. We went to the fish market at 5 a.m. and ate the most incredible sashimi I have ever tasted (up until that point I thought I...

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Print Your Own Valentine Cards - New Designs!

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. My German husband thinks that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured American holiday designed to sell candies and cards. While he’s not entirely wrong, Valentine’s Day has a much richer history than one might think. I’m not the most sentimental person in the world (this, to me, was the most romantic Valentine’s gift ever) but I do enjoy annual rituals and think Valentine’s Day should at least be acknowledged.  A memory comes to mind: When I was a wee lass in my early twenties one of my first jobs out of art school was at a small book design agency in San Francisco. It was run by two great guys. One Valentine’s Day one...

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2017 Printable Kalendar und Mehr!

Just a heads up to let you know that all e.m.papers printable calendars have been updated for 2017 and are ready for download! In addition to calendars, there are some additional e.m.papers cards that you may be interested in, like our printable valentine cards. Finally, if printables aren't really your thing, you can check out some e.m.papers designs on CVS photo, like these two new years cards in their photo card section. Enjoy!

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Einladungsdesign Für Hochzeiten: Eine Hochzeit An Einem Valentinstag

Is there anything sweeter or more romantic than a wedding on Valentine's Day? Not only is it romantic for the couple celebrating their nuptials, but also for guests! Here are some e.m.papers wedding invitation designs that work especially well if you decide to get married on February 14th. This regal set of printable wedding templates (appropriately named 'Kate and Wills') also hints at cupids influence with a sweet red heart placed between the two wedding rings. This next one, a wedding invitation design called 'Two Hearts' is an obvious candidate. Two rough hewn overlapping hearts say it all. This printable invitation works especially well for a modern wedding celebration. This next wedding invitation set, 'Monogram Arrows' features both cupids arrows joined by...

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