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Printable Wedding Program - Retro Chalkboard

As back to school season starts to unfold, a chalkboard look seems more than appropriate. But this isn't your run of the mill dusty school chalkboard. This printable Retro Chalkboard Wedding Program  has a subtle texture in the background that elevatew the solid black to something a bit more nostalgic. The brush lettering font (which I wrote all about here!) in white completes the elegant look.  As always, e.m.papers wedding printables are customizable and can be adapted to your own unique needs. Every ceremony is different, so you can adapt this wedding program template to suit your wedding party list, the order of service, the music and readings, and add any extras you need.  Even last minute changes are no...

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Printable Wedding Program - Gold Strokes

The gold strokes wedding program template is simple and modern with a touch of elegance. This printable wedding program is part of a complete wedding stationery suite but can also be used on its own to give your event that something extra. The ink stroke design originated from a morning of experimenting with a brush and ink. The simple half fold format of this customizable printable has a cover page, space for the wedding party and the order of service of your ceremony, and an optional back page.  The gold elements are definitely a showstopper and you may be wondering, can I print gold on my home printer? The short answer is: yes, you can print this invitation on your home printer -...

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Printable Notecards - They're Back!

I'm in the middle of mixing up the e.m.papers printable stationery collection right now. I'm bringing back some printable stationery items - in every category including wedding printables, everyday printables, printable calendars as well as printable wall art - and will be phasing out older printable designs. When I made the switch to the new store, I cut out printable notecards. They weren't selling that well. I think the problem, though, is that I wasn't marketing notecard templates that much. Which is silly. Now that I'm already married, these notecard templates are the ones I use the most. This series, called 'Cartouche' a fancy word for a frame or border is one of my favorites. I always have a bunch on hand....

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Print Your Own Valentine Cards - New Designs!

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. My German husband thinks that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured American holiday designed to sell candies and cards. While he’s not entirely wrong, Valentine’s Day has a much richer history than one might think. I’m not the most sentimental person in the world (this, to me, was the most romantic Valentine’s gift ever) but I do enjoy annual rituals and think Valentine’s Day should at least be acknowledged.  A memory comes to mind: When I was a wee lass in my early twenties one of my first jobs out of art school was at a small book design agency in San Francisco. It was run by two great guys. One Valentine’s Day one...

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Wedding Printables: Retro Chalkboard Printable Menu in The Shop!

So! Another printable wedding menu is live in the shop! This is from the Retro Chalkboard suite of wedding printables. It's hard to see in the images but there is a subtle chalkboard texture in the background. I didn't want to overplay it. As with all e.m.papers wedding printables you can download a sample and try it out first.  Just click the link under the 'TRY IT OUT FIRST' text.  This menu is really suited for a wedding reception with a contemporary or urban vibe. The designs unapologetic use of black and white makes for a striking contrast (and is easy to read). I used 'Master of Break' for the header (see this Fonty Friday describing what I like about...

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