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The Coolest, Easiest-To-Make-Wrapping-Paper in the World

As you know, I'm half-assed crafty and will only embark upon a DIY project if it's exceedingly easy, doesn't require too many tools and doesn't make a huge mess. That's why I came up with this last-minute idea for DIY wrapping paper. All you need is a roll of craft packing paper - the kind you can get at the drugstore or the post office, some white acrylic paint and a Sharpie or any other kind of black marker or pen. Here's what you do:  1. Roll out the paper on surface. I did it on a small dining table. 2. Paint basic Christmas/Holiday shapes like stars, boxes for gifts, snowmen, snowflakes, etc. You don't have to create technically perfect...

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Big 2018 Valentine's Day Round Up Post

Another year, another Valentine's day.  I've been married awhile and my German husband pretty much thinks that Valentine's day is manufactured American nonsense. I don't totally disagree with him, but still... I'm not a conventionally romantic person myself, but I am festive. Acknowledging the day seems at the very minimum a must.  Here's a round up of some of the posts from Valentine's past that are still relevant and hopefully enjoyable: Valentine Ideas: Cards and Mini-Cards and Labels Valentine's Day Spotify Mix-Tape This post includes some of my amateur liner notes. A (now obsolete?) career I would have enjoyed in another life A free printable of The Confirmation by Edwin Muir, the Epithalamium (wedding poem) that my one of my sisters read at...

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Print Your Own Valentine Cards - New Designs!

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. My German husband thinks that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured American holiday designed to sell candies and cards. While he’s not entirely wrong, Valentine’s Day has a much richer history than one might think. I’m not the most sentimental person in the world (this, to me, was the most romantic Valentine’s gift ever) but I do enjoy annual rituals and think Valentine’s Day should at least be acknowledged.  A memory comes to mind: When I was a wee lass in my early twenties one of my first jobs out of art school was at a small book design agency in San Francisco. It was run by two great guys. One Valentine’s Day one...

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Inspiration From Dad

On this Fathers Day I thought I’d write about how I’m inspired by my dad. The trigger was this little card.  My dad whipped it out on a recent visit. I think it’s fantastic and clever. It’s a bit of wordplay with his name; Patré instead of Pat Reagh (tee tee) and nods to his online endeavour of making and selling metal type on Ebay.  I think the layout, the color selection and the typography are all just perfect. Not to mention, of course, the quality of the letterpress printing. The thing that inspires me most is that my Dad is having fun. He’s already built his business, put his daughters through school and setup a secure life. He doesn’t...

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e.m.papers Valentinstag Pinterest Board - 2017

Happy February!  You know what that means, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you need craft ideas, inspiration or just want to look at some pretty Valentine related pics check out the e.m.papers Valentine's Day Pinterest Board. It's got over 100 pins, including this one which turned out to be my all time most re-pinned pin (who wouldda thunk it?) Image from Pottery Barn, LOVE sign sadly no longer available.

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