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Wedding Printables: Retro Chalkboard Printable Menu in The Shop!

So! Another printable wedding menu is live in the shop! This is from the Retro Chalkboard suite of wedding printables. It's hard to see in the images but there is a subtle chalkboard texture in the background. I didn't want to overplay it. As with all e.m.papers wedding printables you can download a sample and try it out first.  Just click the link under the 'TRY IT OUT FIRST' text.  This menu is really suited for a wedding reception with a contemporary or urban vibe. The designs unapologetic use of black and white makes for a striking contrast (and is easy to read). I used 'Master of Break' for the header (see this Fonty Friday describing what I like about...

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Printable Hochzeitsmenu Vorlage - Gold Strokes

The Gold Strokes printable menu is up and online in the shop! This tea length printable menu is part of a wedding stationery suite, but of course there's nothing stopping you using it for any other kind of celebration. It would work great for an anniversary party or rehearsal dinner for example. The stroke design on this menu and wedding suite is based on the black ink drawings I did some time ago. Now, you may be wondering how to print gold on your home printer, you can with this design but keep in mind it's a gold effect where it mimics a metallic as opposed to actual gold foil. The easiest way to see what it looks like is to...

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Unsere Geburtsanzeige

You might notice that I don't have any printable baby announcements on the site. That's because even before I had a baby I figured right after giving birth is not when one wants to jump into a DIY project. After our daughter was born I thought about it though, printing our own announcements. I have since learned how easy it is to be waaaay to ambitious about doing things when you have a baby. I have to remind myself that I can only do a fraction of the non-mom things I'd like to do (like post on this blog) at least for the next while. This left me in a bit of a quandary. Everyone knows I'm a card designer...

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e.m.papers Thanksgiving Pinterest Pinwand

Ah, Fall. As the weather gets cold and crisp and the days get shorter my attention turns to the winter holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and despite living in Germany for around sixteen (!) years, I always find a way to celebrate. Whether it's making a simple dinner for myself and my husband, hosting friends or going to friends houses for a potluck meal. I've got a Thanksgiving pinterest board which I add pins to all year round. It's a great source of inspiration. It's full of yummy and innovative recipes like sweet potato cornbread and pumpkin panna cotta tart as well as helpful infographics on how much food to plan. It's also chock full of...

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Seating Plan Template: Gold Dots

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Even though this Gold Dot printable seating list was designed with weddings in mind, it could be used for other big holiday events like a formal Christmas party or a big New Years bash - such a sparkly seating plan really would be perfect for a glittery New Years Eve party, wouldn't it? This download and print seating plan couldn't be easier to use. You just download the PDF template (it comes in both US Letter and A4 sizes) and enter your text. We've set it up here by last name initial, but you could just as easily organize the seating by table number. It's totally up to you.  Try before you buy! You...

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