Wedding Printables: Retro Chalkboard Printable Menu in The Shop!

So! Another printable wedding menu is live in the shop! This is from the Retro Chalkboard suite of wedding printables. It's hard to see in the images but there is a subtle chalkboard texture in the background. I didn't want to overplay it. As with all e.m.papers wedding printables you can download a sample and try it out first.  Just click the link under the 'TRY IT OUT FIRST' text. 

Printable Wedding Menu Template - Retro Chalkboard

This menu is really suited for a wedding reception with a contemporary or urban vibe. The designs unapologetic use of black and white makes for a striking contrast (and is easy to read). I used 'Master of Break' for the header (see this Fonty Friday describing what I like about this typeface)

Printable Wedding Menu Template - Retro ChalkboardThe menu template comes with pre-populated text, with a space added between each letter to give the letter spacing some 'air'. Typesetting the text this way prevents the menu from looking too busy and gives the layout some intention. 

Printable Wedding Menu Template - Retro Chalkboard

For that reason, it may not be the best pick if you've got a complicated menu with lots and lots of text.

What you could do, if you have multiple main dishes, is create and print out menus customized to each main dish, and then place them at each place setting accordingly. So guests that requested beef get the beef version menu, guests who are vegan get the vegan version, etc.

That's the beauty of e.m.papers editable, printable templates. You can control the text and create multiple options, even at the last minute if necessary!

Bon Apetit!

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