e.m.papers in Real Life: Water Color Flowers Printable Wedding Reception Items

e.m.papers watercolor floral printable wedding invites
Some days you open up your inbox and find out you've hit the jackpot. That's what happened when I received these beautiful photos from Erika Mattingly.

They're from a wedding that took place in Syracuse, Indiana who used items from my Water color flowers printable wedding set. These photos do a really good job of showing how easily you can make an impact with home made wedding programs, table new numbers and place cards.
printable wedding programs from e.m.papers featuring water color floral imagery on white ceremony chairs
The ceremony chairs are pretty standard (we used these same ones in brown for our backyard wedding ceremony) but placing a pretty, handmade floral wedding program on each one really personalizes and beautifies the space.
water color floral printable table numbers in wedding table greenery
Same thing with the reception tables. The decorations are lovely but spare; simple greenery with some floating candles. The colorful table numbers and place cards add some pretty to the wedding table without overdoing it.
printable wedding place cards featuring water color florals and black script type
I can't stress enough how easy it is to make these things. You just pop
in your text, print them out on card stock (or regular old printer paper in the case of the programs) and cut and/or fold. Two people an get it all done in an hour or so.
Thanks again to Erika for sending me these lovely photographs. The thoughtfulness and generosity of some wedding photogs never ceases to amaze!

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