10 Reasons You Should Use Printable Wedding Invitations

10 reasons to choose printable wedding invitations

While I do have a page on this site called ‘Why Printables’ I think it’s important to really do a ‘deep dive’ on why making your own wedding invitations with printable templates is a worthwhile endeavor. Here are the top ten reasons I think printable wedding invitations are the way to go.

1. They’re Instant
Okay, not all printable wedding invitations are of the instant download variety. But an increasing amount are, and e.m.papers wedding invitations certainly are. You probably don’t need me to explain the reason instant is good. You're most likely a busy bride-to-be (or groom-to-be) and perhaps always a little bit behind. Getting out wedding invites (as well as Save the Dates) sooner rather than later is critical to make sure all your guests circle you wedding day on their calendars.

sample printable wedding invitation with watermark

2. You can test drive the wedding designs 

Again, I refer to something only e.m.papers offers, but still! All of our newer wedding invitation designs allow you do download a watermarked template that you can download (under the ‘samples’ tab). You can plop your wedding invitation wording directly into the PDF template and print it out on your home printer. In a matter of minutes you can decide if you love it or hate it, feel out the level of DIY intensity, check the quality on your printer and futz around with how you want to word the invitation. You can do all this without the panic-inducing stress of hitting the ‘order’ button, for 150 printed wedding invitations that you just may not like in the end.

Printable Wedding Invitations with DIY ragged edges

3. You can pimp your invites
Whether you want to print your wedding invitations on colored paper, make your own deckled edges, add rounded corners or add neon color to the edges of each one of your wedding cards, you can do it all, quite easily too.

Printable Wedding Invitations on multi-colored paper

4. You've got more paper options when you print your own wedding invitations
Not only can you find great paper to order online, but you can really individualize the kind of paper you use. Go to a craft store and look through the offerings of card stock, you’re likely to find all types of craft paper, neon card stock, a wide varieties of shades and hues not offered by regular stationery printers. If you’re going for really exotic types of paper like pearlescent or vellum, just make sure to purchase a sheet or two and try them on your home printer first. You don’t want to invest in an entire ream of paper (500 sheets) only to find that your printer smears the ink or won’t accept the weight. The same goes for envelopes, mix and match to your hearts content, rather than be limited by what the printing service offers you.

How to send an Email Save the Date

5. You can digitize a printable wedding invite
In our era of Email and social media, you may not want to stick solely to snail mail. No problem. When you’ve got a printable wedding invitation (or any other printable wedding template) you’ll have to work with it on your screen first. That means you can take a screen shot, and once you’ve got a screen shot, you can turn that into a jpeg that you can upload to Facebook, or email or do whatever you need to do with it digitally. For set-by-step instructions take a look at this blog post on how to send Email Save the Dates.

6. You can repurpose them
Need a rehearsal dinner invitation? No problem just re-use the wedding invitation. Swap out your wedding invite wording for rehearsal dinner invitation text, voila! Rehearsal dinner invites. You can do this with other printable items, like converting a printable printable seating list into a bar list.

Bilingual Wedding

7. Printable Wedding Invitations are PERFECT for Bilingual weddings

This isn’t something that everyone has to worry about, but many people do (We had to). You can create multiple versions in multiple languages, just enter your wedding invitation wording in English, save the file, then open the file again and enter your text in Spanish (or Portuguese or German or French) No hay problema! Perhaps your wedding will be mono-lingual, but you may want to invite different guests to different events, you can do that too. The point is, you can create multiple versions of the invite. More tips on bilingual weddings here.

8. Wedding printables are budget friendly 
You can really control how much you want to spend on your wedding invites by using printables. You can go lean and mean (but still beautiful) by selecting a simple black and white design (not too much ink usage) on regular white card stock. Your invites will still look amazing, but be infinitely cheaper than even the cheapest printer (even the cheapest online wedding invitation printer starts at over 50 cents a card. You can print them at half that, and control the quantity too, print as few or as many as you need.

9. Handmade wedding invitations are heartfelt AND impressive 
There really is something special about making your own wedding invitations, it adds a personal touch to your wedding that ordering invitations from a mass retailer just can’t match. However that doesn’t have to mean they’ll look less impressive, with gorgeous wedding designs, and the amazing quality of todays home printers, your guests may not even realize that you DIY’d your invitations, you can decide if you want them to know or not ;)

10. Printable wedding invitations are easy to make!
Really! The hardest part will be deciding on your wedding invitation wording. Once you’ve got that figured out, you just plop it in the editable PDF template and print. Then you cut the invitations out. It takes 2 people around 20 minutes to cut out 100 invites. Grab two more friends and it will only take 5 minutes!  After that, all that’s left to do is send your beautiful, handmade wedding invitations out into the world.

Printable Save the Date with black and white stripes

If all this doesn’t convince you, maybe a free printable wedding Save the Date (Yes! Free Save the Dates) will help tip the scale. Read more and grab the offer on this blog post.

You’re welcome in advance!

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