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The Coolest, Easiest-To-Make-Wrapping-Paper in the World

As you know, I'm half-assed crafty and will only embark upon a DIY project if it's exceedingly easy, doesn't require too many tools and doesn't make a huge mess. That's why I came up with this last-minute idea for DIY wrapping paper. All you need is a roll of craft packing paper - the kind you can get at the drugstore or the post office, some white acrylic paint and a Sharpie or any other kind of black marker or pen. Here's what you do:  1. Roll out the paper on surface. I did it on a small dining table. 2. Paint basic Christmas/Holiday shapes like stars, boxes for gifts, snowmen, snowflakes, etc. You don't have to create technically perfect...

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Phonebank It's Not Too Late To Help Turn Out The Vote - Vote - Midterm Elections Printable Poster #30

It's not too late. I just got an email from the ACLU PeoplePower, go to the website to start phone banking now! From the website: "We need you help to call as many voters as possible through election day in these key states so that civil rights and civil liberties win on November 6th! We will provide you with everything you need - a script, training resources, and the means to call voters in these key states, you just need a phone and a computer or tablet. Let’s do this." Download the poster.Download all previous posters.

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