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Parts of A Letter

So I came across this on one of my Pinterest boards, and thought 'Oh This is Cool'. I took a closer look and realized I had pinned it from my Dad's site (scroll down), and that he printed it in 1995. Ha!  

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TOCA ME 2019 Pt. 3 - Annie Atkins

I almost didn’t see the final talk at the TOCA ME conferences. I jetted home during the second break, said goodnight to the bambina and hesitated to go back out. Fortunately the pal I went with was still there and texted me that the talk I missed was boring, there was still plenty of time to catch the final one and that she was saving me a seat. So I went. Good thing! Annie Atkins' talk was my favorite of the entire day. A real treatise on process and craft. Atkins, a Dublin based designer who describes herself as a Graphic Designer for film, games and real life, opened the talk by acknowledging the fact that her imagination is not greater...

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T-Rex Rawr Kids Room Poster on sale at Pottery Barn Kids!

I had to keep this on the down low for awhile because Minted asked me to, but now I can shout it from the rooftops: my  'T-Rex RAWR' children's wall art poster was selected by Pottery Barn Kids! It's now on sale on their website and in stores. Frustratingly though, I can't share the direct link because Pottery Barn websites are blocked outside of the U.S.! The Minted artists team did send me the screenshot below. The version at the top of this email was my first version. They asked me to make the colors a little  more  primary /kid friendly, that's the version in the screenshot: If you squint you can see a little write up about me  in the...

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TOCA ME 2019 Pt. 2 - Anna Ginsburg

As with all of the other designer speakers at TOCA ME, I had no idea who Anna Ginsburg was. The designer pal I went with told me she did something around talking vaginas. 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, talking vaginas', I thought, probably some real gimmicky stuff. Wrong. Anna Ginsburg is a young, supremely talented animator. Her big break came when she was commissioned by Channel 4 INT in the UK to create an animated short about sexuality. Of course the deadline was impossible and she was offered almost no money.  She was young, relatively inexperienced, but resourceful and intrepid! She contacted the illustrators she most admired, asked them if they could contribute to the short, explained how small the budget was but offered each...

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TOCA ME 2019 Pt. 1 - Anthony Burrill

It's always, always a good idea to go to conferences. I was reminded of this earlier this month when I attended the TOCA ME design conference that takes place every year in Munich. I hadn't gone for several years, and thought it might be good to get some worldly inspiration now that I'm emerging from the cocoon of early motherhood. I was right! I didn't even pay attention to who the speakers were, and just figured at least a couple would be worth catching. Right again. The first speaker was Anthony Burrill. I hadn't heard of him, but the pal I attended the conference with reminded me that he was the guy that did the 'Work Hard & Be Nice to People'...

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