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How to Make A Wedding Save the Date Email

It seems like every time I turn around there is a new digital wedding stationery and website service. I'm a traditionalist and still think wedding invitations should be on actual paper sent in the actual mail, but I get why some couples go the online route. Sending wedding stationery via email especially makes sense when it comes to save the dates for a couple of reasons. There is urgency; you need to get on your guests calendars, you also need to get an idea of how many guests you'll have.  It's true the official wedding head count comes with the return of wedding RSVPs, but informally, once you send out the save the dates, you'll find out which potential guests...

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Big 2018 Valentine's Day Round Up Post

Another year, another Valentine's day.  I've been married awhile and my German husband pretty much thinks that Valentine's day is manufactured American nonsense. I don't totally disagree with him, but still... I'm not a conventionally romantic person myself, but I am festive. Acknowledging the day seems at the very minimum a must.  Here's a round up of some of the posts from Valentine's past that are still relevant and hopefully enjoyable: Valentine Ideas: Cards and Mini-Cards and Labels Valentine's Day Spotify Mix-Tape This post includes some of my amateur liner notes. A (now obsolete?) career I would have enjoyed in another life A free printable of The Confirmation by Edwin Muir, the Epithalamium (wedding poem) that my one of my sisters read at...

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Print Your Own Valentine Cards - New Designs!

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. My German husband thinks that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured American holiday designed to sell candies and cards. While he’s not entirely wrong, Valentine’s Day has a much richer history than one might think. I’m not the most sentimental person in the world (this, to me, was the most romantic Valentine’s gift ever) but I do enjoy annual rituals and think Valentine’s Day should at least be acknowledged.  A memory comes to mind: When I was a wee lass in my early twenties one of my first jobs out of art school was at a small book design agency in San Francisco. It was run by two great guys. One Valentine’s Day one...

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2018 Printable Calendars: Modern, Minimalist and Ready To Download

I know it's February, but I don't have a 2018 calendar up yet (the shoe makers kids!) and you maybe you don't either. Enter e.m.papers updated 2018 printable calendars. But a word first: Not all calendars have been updated for 2018. I'm phasing out certain designs (I can hear the collective gasp). Yes, it's out with the old and while I can't really say in with the new - new calendar designs are in progress but not set up for download yet - I'm in the process of editing the entire e.m.papers catalog and retiring designs who have had there day. A kind of Konmari-style clean up of all the printable stationery on offer here. Stay tuned. So, which calendars have...

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